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We draw upon highly trained professionals with multi-disciplinary experience, who have acquired technical skills working for the giants in the Oil/Gas & construction industry. Our team of experienced, skillful and knowledgeable personnel maintains ASBURY's position as one of the most dependable fabrication/construction & maintenance firm in the industry. We provide 24 hour quality, safe and cost effective services



It is the Policy of ASBURY International Limited to offer services based on the true meaning of: QUALITY- Meeting and possibly exceeding our Clients’ requirements. SYSTEM FOR QUALITY- Prevention of errors by good engineering practice, thereby making time-consuming inspections and corrections unnecessary, and THE GOAL OF OUR QUALITY PROCESS- Continuous Improvement towards the ultimate target, which is, an Error-free Work and Total Satisfaction for our Clients. We confirm our ability to provide services to the required quality by maintaining an effective documented Quality Control System and Management based on the ISO 9001.2008 Series. Our objective is to comply with all specifications and requirements on Quality and possibly exceeding them. ASBURY International Limited Management is committed to this objective by the provision of all resources needed to achieve it in terms of qualified, skilled and competent personnel, functional equipment and tools, and total compliance with clients’ specifications